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rivetz-lib 0.7.3 API

rivetz-lib: The cross-platform RivetzJ API

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Package Description
RivetzJ API (API classes will migrate to this package and be finalized for RivetzJ 1.0)
RivetzJ cross-platform library (and currently API)
AES utilities (Rivetz internal use only)
Base32 and Base64 utility classes for Android support.
DAR and Asynchronous Interfaces (Rivetz internal use only)
Internal classes (Rivetz internal use only)
Registrar classes for client/server
TUI utilities (Rivetz internal use only)

rivetz-lib: The cross-platform RivetzJ API

rivetz-lib is the core module of the RivetzJ API. It is a pure Java API that works on Android and other JavaSE platforms.

rivetz-bridge is the Android implementation and (with some minor, temporary exceptions) should not be directly referenced in the source code of an Rivetz Android application.

At present Android is the only platform supported, but we are hard at work on additional platforms and (where possible) developers should strive to write cross-platform Rivetz applications so your technology can be used on additional Rivetz platforms in the future.

Rivet class hierarchy overview

This following diagram shows the Rivet class hierarchy. In general, Riveted apps should construct and use RivetBase class for accessing RivetzJ functionality. The Rivet subclass handles Android-specific details, but provides no supported functionality that is not provided by RivetBase.

diagram classes
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